NASCAR Racing 2003 Season
175px-NASCAR Racing 2003 Season boxart
Developer Papyrus Design Group
Publisher Sierra Entertainment
Genre Sim Racing
Release Date February 13, 2003
Platforms PC and Mac
Modes Singleplayer, Multiplayer (Online and Local)
Rating E-Everyone

NASCAR Racing 2003 Season (Also known as NR2003) is a NASCAR simulator game created exclusively for personal computers. The game included all of the official 2003 tracks and drivers from the NASCAR Winston Cup Series.


NASCAR Racing 2003 features forty three official drivers however fantasy drivers were still included in the game as well as rookies from the 2003 season such as Jamie McMurray or Casey Mears. Aside from the drivers included in game, more drivers such as fantasy, legends, or others not included in game can be downloaded from various websites as mods.


NASCAR Racing 2003 features 43 NASCAR Winston Cup Series cars that raced in the 2003 season. Special paint schemes were not included nor were other series. However, mods are available that add new cars such as the Generation 6 cars and new series such as the Nationwide Series.


NASCAR Racing 2003 features a tutorial for drivers new to NASCAR Racing games. Once that is completed, drivers can begin their career, race in a single event, or take the race to their friends online. Once a race is completed, one can go to the replay section and watch or save a replay of their race. The game also allows for the use of mods, items that add content to the game such as drivers, tracks, or even weather.


NASCAR Racing 2003 Season became very popular once it was released as NASCAR fans did enjoy the realism that the game brought. The multiplayer side of the game also became popular after fans learned that various NASCAR drivers such as Dale Earnhardt Jr. played the game to practice for races. Due to the various features included in the replay system which also allows players to save replays on their computer so a screen capture is not needed, there are over 20,000 videos of the game featured on Youtube which manily feature mod overviews, crash montages, and fan racing leagues such as Bullring. Even iRacing, another racing simulator game, has used some features from NASCAR Racing 2003 to create their game. Despite iRacing taking some of the popularity, many still play the game today and the servers for multiplayer are highly active.



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