A render of a painted vehicle for the NCTS09 mod by Team Om3ga

Since the game's release, modifications for NASCAR Racing 2003 Season have been very common. All mods are created with either one of four physics types. PTA, GNS, CUP or CTS. Mods have ranged from modifications to match modern NASCAR vehicles such as the COT mod depicting the as of 2007 NASCAR Car of Tomorrow. To the 1960s style NASCAR cars with mods such as the Grand National 1970 mods by Design Mods Racing (Formerly Rioux Mods). Mods can be created with high resolution texture sets such as 2048 that require a decent computer to run without a major frames-per-second drop in the low 20-30s.

Listing of Existing ModsEdit

  • Car of Tomorrow (2007) (Updated to 2010 by The Bullring)
  • Design Mods Racing Cup10s (2010)
  • Design Mods Racing Cup10w (2010)
  • Nextel Cup 2007 (2006) (Later turned into a Nationwide Mod by The Racing Groove, now Elite Paint Designs)

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